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Pitivi is a video editor, built upon the GStreamer multimedia framework, GNonLin and GStreamer Editing Services. It aims to be an intuitive and flexible application that can appeal to newbies and professionals alike. Note about our code estimates: unlike most other projects, we specifically disallow Ohloh from including the user manual, docs, translations and .ui files (generated by Glade) from being counted in the statistics (that would be cheating, and it would make it seem like Pitivi is mostly written in XML!)
File Name LOCs Language
--- ---
2 Python
81 Python
37 Other Languages
59 Python
49 Python
18 Python
19 Python
183 Python
22 Python
17 Python
58 Python
115 Python
298 Python
15 Python
199 Python
72 Python
0 Python
323 Python
55 Python
23 Python
29 Python