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#script to print confirmation screen, then if accepted calls itself to insert data

use strict;
use C4::Output;
use C4::Input;
use CGI;
use Date::Manip;

my %env;
my $input = new CGI;
#get varibale that tells us whether to show confirmation page
#or insert data
my $insert=$input->param('insert');
print $input->header;
#get rest of data
my %data;
my @names=$input->param;
foreach my $key (@names){                                                                                    
my $ok=0;

my $string="The following compulsary fields have been left blank. Please push the back button
and try again<p>";
if ($data{'cardnumber_institution'} eq ''){
if ($data{'institution_name'} eq ''){
  $string.="Institution Name<br>";
if ($data{'address'} eq ''){
  $string.="Postal Address<br>";
if ($data{'city'} eq ''){
if ($data{'contactname'} eq ''){
  $string.="Contact Name";
#print $input->Dump;
#print $string;
print startmenu('member');
if ($ok ==1){
  print $string;
} else {
  my $valid=checkdigit(\%env,$data{"cardnumber_institution"});
  if ($valid != 1){
    print "Invalid cardnumber";
  } else {
     my @inputs;
     my $i=0;
     while (my ($key, $value) = each %data) {
       $value=~ s/\"/%22/g;
     print mkformnotable("/cgi-bin/koha/",@inputs);   
print endmenu('member');
print endpage();